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Top Five Differences in Dating Women in Colombia vs. the United States

1.    Lateness: it is expected that women in the United States will be 10 to 30 minutes late for a date, whereas in Colombia women will routinely be 2 hours late to a date. No explanation will be given for their tardiness, they will not apologize at all, and they will expect that you are fine with it.

2.    Splitting the Bill: It is common for women in United States to offer to split the bills on dates. This almost never happens in Colombia, and you should probably be wary of it does. The main, especially a foreign man, is expected to basically pay for everything, so make sure to bring sufficient funds (effectivo) on your dates.

3.    How to Get There: Picking women up doesn’t happen anymore in the United States, basically, men and women meet at places where the date will be occurring. In Colombia, many of the local barrios are quite small. It is common that your date or you will pick each other up on the way to the date location. In fact, this is actually preferred as it can help to mitigate some of the issues with tardiness.

4.    First Date Ideas: The typical first date in the United States is probably meeting for drinks. This does not happen as much in Colombia. I better idea for a first date is more old school. It could include, grabbing a coffee or ice cream, going to the movies, dinner, or talking and watching the sunset together.

5.       Eating: When you go on dinner date with women in the United States, they may pick at their food or eat half or less of their plate. In Colombia, women like men love and enjoy food and will do so in front of you. Do not be surprised if they finish their plate before you do!