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Meeting Women at the Beach in Colombia

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We’ve all been there, walking the beach and some gorgeous women walks by and catches your eye. What do you do? Shy away and invert your gaze, stare her down until she walks away, or walk up with a friendly smile and say “buenas” (roughly hello). In Colombia, you should opt for option number three. People are very friendly here in Colombia, the women included. If you go in with a smile on your face and confident “hola”, odds are you will get a favorable response. The other reason to be direct here, is that all your competition is extremely direct. Colombia men or known to have extreme “machismo” or manliness and don’t hesitate at all to go after what they want.

Here is the exact step by step guide:

  1. Don’t hesitate, approach with confidence and smile and say “buenas” in your best Spanish accent
  2. Wait for beautiful Colombian women to respond and then say the following, “de donde eres” (where are you from)

Note: this should be enough to get you up and running but if you want a more detailed script with a complete conversation that is easy to follow and guaranteed to get you digits and dates then download the complete e-Book which has the rest of the steps.